blood is thicker than water. but without water, there is nothing.

There is family, and then there's family.
Sometimes family are people that one is related to. Blood ties, legal ties.
Other times, family is people that have grown close, that are as important as the others, or even more so. People who you can count on. People who will always be there.
And sometimes they're combined.
I have been blessed with all three kinds: I have blood relations that are close, I have friends that have become family emotionally, and formal family members that are not related to me. Yeah, it's a mess, but a good mess. Because at the center of the jumble, there is love.

In the end, love matters so much more than any shared genes. Love is what makes a family. Love, and only love.

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Anonym sa...

Water is good stuff.
As is love...

Anonym sa...

And the humming birds go:

"zum,zum,zum,zum,zum,zum,zum,zum,zum - zuu-uuum."

Många pussar älskling.