Minor Luthersites...

Going to Lutherland, it is easy to just see the big ones - Wittenberg with the Lutherhaus, Erfurt and the Mariendom, Eisenach and Wartburg castle (and of course Eisleben), but there are plenty of other cool, funny and somewhat strange Luthersites.
This time around I had the immense pleasure to visit two of these sorely ignored and undervisited sites.

The first one is right outside Erfurt, in Stotternheim. There a stone marks the place where Luther supposedly was not struck by lightning and as a result became a monk. The stone has some interesting statements on it, the best of which being "Wendepunkt der Reformation", turning point of the reformation. Like there was a reformation already, but it was headed somewhere else...

The second amazing sight was the place, close to Eisleben, where Luther caught the cold that subsequently killed him. Yes, that spot is known. It is possible to have a picnic there. The view is very nice, and the draft on the exact spot (well...) actually is colder than the surrounding air.

Other than those two un-missable sites, I visited Erfurt and the beautiful cathedral and the Augustinian convent, and of course spent a lot of time with my friends in Eisleben. I miss them already.

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