pink Fender

Last night I chatted with some ycw friends. We were united in our sermonizing angst, and discussed how one can avoid the feeling of saying the same thing over and over again, week after week. One of them suggested that we could give each other themes or words to incorporate in the sermon, which (stupid) I thought was excellent. Subsequently, since I was the first one to be preaching, I was given the fantastic words "pink fender".

Pink Fender. Thank you so very much, dear, dear sisters. Not.

But it worked out really great. I talked about how we can spread the gospel, and used Symeon and Hanna in the temple as examples. Some people stand on mountaintops and shout it out, others tell the people they meet. You use whatever voice or talent you have. You can even write songs about it, and play your pink Fender when spreading the word.

So there. Now...what should the next preacher talk about?

3 kommentarer:

Susie/NuevaCantora sa...

You are such a rockstar!!

How about staplers?

Susan O sa...

explosive diarrhea.
I dare you.

Maria sa...

Ooooh, Susan...I will not be dared, I'm sorry. But feel free to dare...Jenny. Heh. She's easily goaded.

Susie: staplers...mmmm, I like it. But we need something more. Hm. How about staplers and rabbits?