He's got the whole world...

Kiddo: Mom, I know who made snow!
Me: Yeah?
Kiddo: Yes. God did!
Me: Yeah, that's right.
Kiddo: Because God made the clouds, and there's where snow comes from.
Me: True. So now we know who to blame and complain to.
Kiddo: No, we can't complain. Because snow is made of water, and we need water to live.
Me: Huh. Yeah, that's true.
Kiddo: And besides, if there's no snow, the eskimoes won't be able to make igloos and then they will freeze.
Me: Right (deciding not to argue about the name, makes mental note to inform kiddo at some point that the people in question prefer the name inuit). Of course. Well, let's not complain then.
Kiddo: Yep.

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Anonym sa...

min fina, söta och överdrivet smarta sessa!!

Madicken sa...

Du har en award att hämta hos mig!