today: ONE

As part of my Lenten discipline, I am increasing my activism. Signing petitions, sending e-mails and postcards, donating money...we can all make a difference. Today, I signed this petition from the ONE campaign to the president of the European Commission. Please sign it! It's people lives we're talking about.

Dear Mr Barroso,
Don't let Europe's position as a development champion slip: lead the world by increasing spending on effective aid in the next 7-year budget.
We know that budgets are tight right now in Europe, but we must never forget those who are facing even greater challenges. Overseas aid has already helped to reduce poverty and the EU has played a huge part in making this happen. For example thanks to the EU's Development funds more than 9 million children in the developing world have enrolled in primary education and 31 million people have access to clean drinking water.
Together as ONE we can make it clear that investing in reducing poverty is good news for Europe and for millions of people around the world.

This is where you sign.

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