one step forward, two back?

This here clergy chick is tired. Yes, the holiday season has been fun, but it has also been strenuous, both personally and in a way workwise. I have been working one or two days, then had one or two days off. And as much as it's nice and restful with that kind of rhythm, that bone deep relaxation that comes after a week or so off has not arrived.
So, I'm tired, and know that this will be a superfun and joyous Spring with lots of celebrations, since my congregation celebrates it's 60th birthday, and our church's 50th, but I also know that it will be wraught with work. And studying. And family asking for a piece of the mama/wife.

But there are also outlets. I'm learning how to play the bodhran. I and a friend will take a class in church embroidery (yes, extremely nerdy). And there will be some visiting friends. Yeah, I'll manage, 'cause it's all fun, and all good. And 'cause I know there is God in it too.

4 kommentarer:

Prästkandidaten sa...

Oh, where did you find the embroidery class?

Maria sa...

Kollar...svarar om en dag eller två, i Malmö iaf.

Cissi sa...

wow... låter som en sjukt spännande kurs. vet du om den ges i sthlm? å vad kostar den?

Maria sa...

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan har kursen. Ingen aning om den går i Stockholm. Du får väl komma ner hit varannan lördag, Cissi...*ler* Och den kostar 600, eller 650.