the vacay story #2: London

We arrived in England. Already in Victoria station, kiddo showed signs of enjoying the wet and cold more than the balmy air of the Mediterranean. She even moped a bit about it not raining as much as she wanted.

We stayed in a guest apartment in one of the huge neo-brutalist estates in the Barbican area. The room was basically a queen size bed, a chair and a chest of drawers. To this was attached a pretty roomy bathroom. This was to become the adult hang-out when kiddo had fallen asleep. In that bathroom we played cards, talked, read books...even had pizza one night! The weather was never nice enough for us to sit outside.

The days were filled with adventure. We shopped of course, we went to London Zoo, to Princess Diana's Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens (fabulous playground with Peter Pan theme), we wandered around Camden, visited British Museum to see mummies (too scary, but the North American Indian things were cool, thought little one) and the Natural History Museum to see dinosaurs. We had Sunday dinner with friends. We went by boat on the canals, by double decker bus and of course by tube. We had lots of coffee and smoothies. Starbucks sure benefited from our travels...

After almost a week of this, we took the train to Windsor and Legoland. Kiddo was overjoyed! She skipped and skipped, talked and talked. We rode rides that made us wet and rides that made us dizzy. We shot bad guys with laser guns, and watched Johnny Thunder defeat an Aztec queen. We had boring food (always at amusement parks) and lots of water and soft drinks. And we saw really, really cool things built of Lego. On our way home, daughter asked when we were going back.

We spent another day in London. Then we went north, to fellow ycw L and her family. Great adventure!

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