the vacay story #3: the other England

We left London behind. Getting out of the city proved to be somewhat of a challenge with the different rail stations and train companies (and subsequent panicky teary break-down by wife/mother), but finally, an hour later than we thought, we were on a train heading north. Destination: Heath Hayes, in the middle of (sorry to those who disagree) nowhere.

In Stafford (relatively close to Birmingham) we were picked up by fellow ycw (young clergy woman) Leah, and went with her home to her lovely family. There we spent a couple of days doing not very much. Relaxing, eating, playing, talking. We went to church on Sunday, which was interesting, and...interesting. And we became friends.

It is wonderful and funny and cool that people can meet and connect like this over the boundaries of language, nationality and church traditions. This was of course an easy one, we are after all western Europeans in protestant churches, but still.

On Monday morning we returned to London, leaving sad kids behind. It will not be the last time we meet, but who knows when the next time will be?

And early, early on Tuesday morning we flew home to Sweden. It was a relief, and very sweet to be home. And already I miss traveling.

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Anonym sa...

maybe it won't be so long! Certainly a brief meeting at next year's conference!

one of the sad boys has decided that he wishes to learn swedish...so we're on the hunt for a book/cd or anything that might help!

It was great having you stay!

Maria sa...

*smiles* yes, Mark told me. How absolutely adorable!
And it was great staying with you. We hope to be able to return the hospitality one day.
And next year - oh yes. Already longing.