funny how small the world is

Yes, you guys, here's another post in English. Made another new English-speaking friend yesterday, gotta keep up with this internationalization of my circle of friends, and update this blog a little.

And talking about this new friend of mine, it keeps on amazing me how small the world is, and how we're all connected in one way or another. Most of the times it isn't circumstance, but sometimes the connections are just weird and funny.

Like the time when me and a friend met the brother of my then boyfriend. In Ireland, without having met before. I just recognized him from some picures.

Or when it turns out one of my friends have been working in the same place as my vicar. I never knew before.

Or when people know people, and other people loves the same places as I do for the same reasons (and I'm not talking big cities, but small, pretty unspectacular spots).

Or someone is related to someone I have met in a totally different context, and another person knows someone I know well.

Ah, it's wonderful, this feeling of connectedness. No man, or woman, is an island. Or Iceland, haha.

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Jeez sa...

Yup, no man (or woman) is an Iceland...