homeward bound

I've had a couple of days off, and spent them on a trip to my former home town, and capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Not that I've actually have seen a lot of this fantastic city this time, since I've been cooped up at the home of one of my best friends, doing near to nothing.

But that's the point of great friendship, isn't it? When you don't really feel the need of activity, when it's fine just sitting in a sofa all the day, almost not talking, while more or less coughing and sneezing children crawl all over us. And when you leave, it feels like days well spent, although my back aches from sleeping on the floor and my very sleepy eyelids keep getting in the way of what ever I'm watching, since I'm not accustomed to the habits of a seven month baby any more (and especially said baby's habit of waking up far, far too early in the mornings). Yes, days well spent.

And I even got to co-arrange a surprise party for my husband's 37th birthday, got to meet some of my favourite ex-co-workers, and talk to some of the fantastic kids that were my main concern when working in my former parish. Days well spent indeed.

And J, here's the very public excuse: I just delivered those earrings, E, it was Js idea and she paid for them. So thank her. I'll just stand here with the stupid hat on.

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