first impressions of THE movie

1. I'm not one of the die hard Sex and the City fans. There, I've said it. I've seen quite a lot of episodes, have enjoyed the glamour and fun, but never really got stuck. Therefore, I probably wouldn't have gone to see it if it hadn't been for my dear friend K, who is a fan, and her friends, who were all going, and kindly invited me to join.

2. But, I must say, the movie was truly enjoyable. I think there were about seven or eight per cent men in the audience. More than I expected, especially since the woman in the ticket booth remarked that she was surprised there were so many women in Malmoe...
I digress. The movie was good, and it was good because of the setting, the pacing, the funny moments, the clothes and shoes... And the characters are really likeable, which basically is the main reason people watch the show, and subsequently, the movie.

3. But. The acting is so-so, and the plot basically just more of what we've already seen. No real development, and thus the movie feels like a very, very long episode of the tv-show. It's a shame, they've could have done more.

4. I like that the actors and actresses finally look their age. Well, as much as can be expected, at least.

5. And I know someone who knows someone in the movie (and tv-show)!

6. And finally, something that hit us: Where are the families? Don't these women have mothers, brothers and aunts? Don't they have other friends? Why do they sit alone on New Year's (yeah, spoiler, I'm sorry)? I know a relative or two have showed up in some episode, but the women are basically family-less (not counting the families they start). It's strange.

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peripateticpolarbear sa...

I have always wondered that myself. There are the couple of scenes where Miranda's mother dies and there is a funeral--but even with all the weddings--only Steve seems to have a mother and she's crazy. Also, only Miranda is described as having a college past (Harvard) and hometown (Philly). It's like they were just plopped in NYC from outer space with no history whatsoever.

Maria sa...

We discussed the lack of family, and thought it must be intentional, a subtle message about modern women or something. But it's fascinating. Charlotte in particular seems like the kind of woman who would, still at 40, call her mum every other day.

Oh well, there's a thesis waiting to be written. Just not by me ;)