tough calls

I'm filling in for my rector, who's on vacation. Me - the boss. And I like it, actually. It's fun, having a little more responsibility, a little more say-so. At least it's fun for a limited time, don't know about all the time, might be a little too much.

But, there's a down side to it as well. As the boss, you're expected to make the tough calls too, to decide things and tell people things that aren't necessarily what you or they want. So today I had to tell an acquaintance of mine that he/she wouldn't be called to interview for a position. It did not feel good, especially since I had been the one who had encouraged her/him to apply.

But I guess that's why rectors get more money. Like band-aids on the wounds of the soul, not healing them but making them a little more liveable. But boy, do they itch.

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