well spoken

I do like that speechwriter of Obama's.

"We are a people of improbable hope" and "heirs to a struggle for freedom". Well put.

Though the husband thought it, the speech in Berlin that is, was a little too full of platitudes. I'm not so sure. It must be tricky, to do the "speech in Berlin"-thing. People expect you to go for the everlasting sentences, to reach for success like a certain earlier president. And they expect you to fail.

I don't think Obama failed. He didn't blow me away either. But as a whole - well spoken.

2 kommentarer:

Per Westberg sa...

En annan som tycker är Gudmundsson på svenskans ledarredaktion.


Maria sa...

*asg* ja, av någon anledning låter det mycket bättre på engelska...