Another ycw-blog post. Yeah, I know, I've blogged about these wonderful people before, but it still baffles me. We chat. And it seems like we know each other. We're from different denominations, different backgrounds, different countries...and still, we have so much in common, and most of all, we have so much fun!

Last time we had this fabulous group chat, we were about 12 persons, and the topics ranged from polarbears, baboons and halter neck tops to problems with work hours.
This time, we were 19 at the most, and we talked about evil squirrels, dating, but also about how to relate to nationalistic hymns regarding the upcoming 4th of July celebrations.

From exceptionally foolish to serious issues. That's the ycw. That's us. Yay!

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Pastor Peters sa...

yeah indeed. yeah yeah yeah.