the frenzy starts

I do not know how you Americans deal with Thanksgiving being just over, and then moving into Advent a couple of days later. For me, it's enough being around all the Christmas preparations, and Advent decorations and all. Stressful as all get out.
It is nice too.
I love the season of Advent. Being allowed anticipation and eagerly awaiting San..ehm....I mean the birth of Christ. Hanging Advent stars in every window, wrapping Advent calendar gifts. Baking saffron buns and gingerbread. Drinking glögg (mulled wine, kind of). Lighting one new candle every Sunday. Trying to find some peace and quiet to actually think of the reason for the season, and not getting totally drenched in all the craziness. Trying to remember to breathe, to pray, to long.

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Susan O sa...

if you get a chance....share what some of those things are for us poor Americans. What is an Advent star? Why do you put gifts on the calendar? I know what glogg and saffron buns are (I'm gastronomically Swedish, if not culturally), but much of the rest of the cultural stuff is lost on me.

Maria sa...

Of course I will! There will be a Swedish Advent and Christmas tutorial, with pictures, as soon as the season is upon us!