go ahead Bill, hit the left cheek as well

(throwing plenty of English-speaking bones at the moment)

Ok, this Bill O'Reilly character. What does he have against us? Was he, at his now long forgotten high school, scorned by a Swedish exchange student? Or is he a converted marxist? What's the deal? Why does he hate us so?

Being for a social welfare system AND being Christian is not mutually exclusive.
Having faith, and not being afraid of speaking about it, AND being feminist is not an impossible combination.
Thinking that everyone should have, as far as possible, equal opportunities AND believing in a God that does not treat people differently on the grounds of gender, sexuality or color is perfectly logical.

The sad fact is, that even if people in Europe in general, and Sweden more specifically, know that there are a lot of very liberal, nuanced and just very nice Americans, people like O'Reilly and that horrible pastor Phelps get more air time, and thus shape the European image of Americans.

So, dear Americans, when visiting Europe, know this. This is what a lot of people think you're like - ignorant and intolerant. And know also that the image of us portrayed by these people is as false as the one they give us of you.

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Anonym sa...

Well what can I say. I think you are so right we have a very narrow "picture" of that americans are a little stupid/ignorant...
And we can just prove them wrong that you can be a women, femenist white a strong faith and so on...

apbs sa...

I don't get Bill O'Reilly and all his strange false dichotomies, either.

Tony sa...

But what kind of femenists are we talking about. "all men are animals" femenism or same salary for the same work?

I love Bill for having a strong faith. That is very rare in sweden. As a matter of fact in this blog or other "femenist theologians" blogs there is very little faith i God.

Maria sa...

Well, Tony, after having read the comments you've made I honestly can't say we agree on much.

You may have whatever opinion on feminists you like, but I ask you to refrain from judging my faith. I believe in God. I belive in Christ, and in the Holy Spirit. To say that there is very little faith in this blog is very judgemental, untrue and narrow minded, and I don't like narrow minded commentaries.

So if you don't have anything else to say, please don't comment, and if you only disagree with everything I write, well, don't read it. I know there are a lot of blogs where you will find people who are of the same mind as you.