what a great day!

Today I went to Höör (small city in the middle of Scania, the part of Sweden where I live) together with 250 others who work with ministry to children and families. Every year the "Big Gathering" kicks off the autumn, and this year I had actually remembered to sign up before all the slots were filled.

Now. To be honest, I'm not that impressed with the seminars. Except the one about siblings and how the order in which we are born affects us, and bishop Antje's talk about the power of prayer. That I like her is no secret, and I'm still impressed (some of my colleagues were not that thrilled though, they found her talk too boring. Says more about them than Antje, methinks.). I was also very pleased when she remembered me from May, and even asked about the Young Women Preachers Conference I told her about then.

And then, in the afternoon, husband called to tell me I had gotten mail from Uppsala University. "Shall I open it?" Duh! Yes! Yes! And, yes! I have been admitted to the two year, half time, church leadership program. After a couple of months of anxiety - hooray!

6 kommentarer:

Ms Garbo sa...

Kångrats, bäjbi!!

Karaoke Rev sa...

Yea! So great.

Sara sa...

Åååå, vad roligt. Stort grattis!!! Innebär det att du kommer att befinna dig i Uppsala lite då och då? *förhoppningsfull* Om så är fallet konstaterar jag snabbt att det går fortare att ta uppsalapendeln till Uppsala än tåget till Malmö. Borde bli lättare att ses mao;)

Susie/Nueva Cantora sa...

Hooray!! Thats so great!

apbs sa...

congrats!! what wonderful news.

Maria sa...

Thank you all! It was a close call, but I made it!

Sara: ja, jag kommer vara i Uppsala en gång i månaden, och dessutom ju passera Sthlm på vägen. klart att vi kans ses!