pilgrimage to friendship (and some Luther sites)

I'm back. Back in rainy, grey Malmö, back in insanely busy work days, back in the warmth of family.
Yeah, I've only been gone for five days, but still.

The trip to Lutherstadt Eisleben was fantastic. I have confirmed friendship, and made new friends. That kind of friends that will last, the ones you feel an immediate connection to. Life timers.
So we've talked, and talked, and talked, and... And in between the talking we've climbed bell towers (I LIKE bell towers :), looked at 16th century books, had a lot of good food (and a lot of good, and not so good, wine), touched relics, enjoyed standing in Luther's last pulpit, discussed sacramental theology (oh, wait, that must count as talking), played silly games, taken long walks with and without baby, zipped through Lutherstadt Wittenberg, laughed a lot, worshipped, cracked walnuts, and generally gotten to know each other very well. And now I miss them.

Oh well. It's not that far. Here are some pics.

Lutherstadt Eisleben, seen from the tower of Petri Pauli kirche.

The Luther statue in Wittenberg (or one of them). Actually payed for, and commissioned, by the people of Eisleben. To make a long story short, they're still upset, but got a nicer statue in the bargain.

The door with the theses. Not the original, if anyone should be in doubt.

S:t Nicolaus jawbone (parts of it). Or at least so it is said. I've touched Santa's chin!

Children's worship service at S:t Anne, the neighboring parish in Eisleben. Look at the palmtrees in the pulpit. And people claim I'm kitschy...?

(and..um...yeah...we went to Wittenberg instead of Eisenach....I kind of overslept, and thus opted for the shorter trip...)

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