Dashing up to Uppsala and the leadership program again. Train 8 - 12.40 now, and tonight I'm getting on the night train back south.
Tomorrow, baptism at 10.30 am, and wedding at 2 pm. The evening will be spent in a frenzy of writing a sermon and sewing a turtle shield for the daughters masquerade party on Sunday.
Sunday, oh, Sunday. The day of rest. Hah! First, worship. Five of our confirmands will participate, meaning more work preparing (but the results are nice, of course). And then another baptism at two pm, and then home. The kids will arrive at 4 (I secretly hope at least half of them have caught colds and stay at home). When they leave, at six, I expect to be totally and utterly exhausted.

There is one comfort in this (except it all being voluntary and fun stuff, in spite of too much), and that is that mad people for some reason are supposed to be closer to God. Since I know count myself among the mentally deranged, me and God must thus be closer than ever. But I bet she's laughing at me.

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