I woke up from the singing. My family burst into the bedroom at 6.30, bearing gifts (two books and a packet of Jesus band-aids), chocolate cake and coffee (didn't drink very much of that).
After they had left (yes, I did thank them!), I went back to sleep.
Then at nine I had breakfast with a friend, and then did some pretty boring shopping (tights and other necessities).

At noon, birthday lunch with another friend and some strolling around town. A close friend called from abroad to sing to me, which put a smile on my face for an hour or so.
And at 3.30 my mom and I went to a shoestore to buy me a pair of boots. Yes, they are black. But they have nice high-ish heels.

When I got home, my family gave me another gift (l'Eau par Kenzo), and then husband announced he was taking me out for dinner and the movies. Daughters favourite babysitter arrived, and we went out.

We had tapas and saw Mamma Mia, which was a visual and musical fiesta (though the acting was kind of poor, and the story laughable...but who cares?).

Yes. A very good birthday indeed!

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