This is a shout-out to some very, very cool women in my life:

My mother. So strong, and so frail at the same time. And my number one rolemodel in more ways than I can count.
My oldest sister, who really is making an effort, and who, in spite of setbacks and weird stuff happening, makes lots of progress all the time. Respect, sister, you will make it!
My youngest sister, who is about to go on a five month trip around the world, on her own! You are so brave, sis, I admire you!
My sister-in-law, who makes the effort to cheer up her looney sister-in-law by caring and sending the sweetest card ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My sister in spirit, J. Because you have a heart that is so much warmer than your tongue is sharp, and we who know you know how awesome that is!
My confidante, and sister in vocation, K. For being there, listening and caring. And for all our evil laughs and superior sniggers!
My dear, dear friend and co-worker A. For being a fabulous listener, wise beyond years, and supremely dirty-minded.

There are many, many more. I am blessed with many sisters, many mothers and friends. Foremost among those not mentioned before are, as I have said many times earlier, those amazing women in the Young Clergy Women Project. You mean so much to me. Love and blessings!

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