pencil prayer

I bought a book, in the Washington National Cathedral shop, called Pencil Prayer by author Berthe Amoss. It is basically a book on how to pray using drawings, based on Ignatian exercises. And it's brilliant! I am not a very contemplative person, but I am creative, and to be able to use that creativity to deepen my spirituality is a cool thing indeed.

I used the book mainly as inspiration. Some of the advice is very good, others I ignored. I like working with ink and pens, as well as pencil, so I decided not to heed the advice to work only with a 2B pencil. Neither will I do any of the exercises based on contemplating/praying to Mary, mother of God. I like, admire and respect her well enough, it's the pray to (through) part that doesn't sit well with me.

Anyway, I have never been able to keep a journal, but this prayer journal thing might work. I have written and drawed for four days now, and it feels really good. Writing and drawing to someone makes all the difference, I guess. Someday, when the drawings and writings are not too personal, I'll scan a page or two to show you what it looks like.

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Cool. I would like to know/see more.