a love that does not rust

Tonight, I and the husband went to see U23D.
I have been a U2-fan since my late teens, and this love does not rust. Granted, I am not a fanatic anymore, but I still think they are great.

This concert movie, filmed in Buenos Aires, was, as the title suggests, filmed in digital 3D. Sometimes, I wanted to ask the chick in front of me to take down her hands, only to realize the second after that the chick in question was really an Argentinian girl at the concert. Or when Bono reached out towards us, and it felt like his hand was only inches away. Very, very cool.

We wore silly 3D-glasses, though they are no longer the flimsy cardboard things I remember from when I was a kid. This is how cool (hihi) the husband looked:

He's trying for the The Fly-look. Succeeding? Well...

Anyway, one of the things I really respect and love about U2 is their continued consciousness. Some people laugh at Bono's travels, projects and hanging out with presidents. I know his hobbies have caused dissent in the band, but they go on in spite of disagreeing sometimes. And in the meantime, they actually help people. They actually make an impact, an effort. And that makes it possible for them to still sing Sunday, Bloody Sunday (but make it about the Middle East instead of Northern Ireland), or to have the Declaration of Human Rights recited during a concert, and still be believable.

Enough with the raving. They are a really cool band, the movie is really cool. Go see!

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